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Eel River Watershed Data

A watershed is not an easy thing to measure, and even when measured precisely, erosion and other geologic events change these values subtly over time, especially in the soft features of the North Coast. Below are the numbers we use, and our sources.

Total Eel River Watershed3,971 sq. mi.USDA
Watershed area above Scott Dam289 sq. mi.SEC
(Total Watershed area above Cape Horn Dam)349 sq. mi.USDA
Outlet Creek Watershed159 sq. mi.USDA
Tomki Creek Watershed200 sq. mi.USDA
Middle Fork Eel River Watershed758 sq. mi.USDA
North Fork Eel River Watershed286 sq. mi.USDA
South Fork Eel River Watershed689 sq. mi.USDA
Van Duzen Watershed429 sq. mi.USDA
Lower Eel River Watershed (Excluding Van Duzen, but all other tributaries between the south fork and mouth)1,101 sq. mi.USDA
(Total Lower Eel River Watershed Including Van Duzen)1,530 sq. mi.USDA

Lake Pillsbury

1921 original Lake Pillsbury capacity94,863 acre-feetPG&E
2006 Lake Pillsbury capacity at spillcrest54,338 acre-feetPG&E
2006 Lake Pillsbury capacity at top of spillway gates74,993 acre-feetPG&E
Lake Pillsbury elevation at spillcrest1,900'PG&E
Lake Pillsbury elevation at top of spillway gates1,910'PG&E
Lake Pillsbury elevation at crest of dam1,920'PG&E